Singing and the Power of the Social Circle

How does our environment influence our voice?

There’s a very good reason why the way you were brought up has a bearing on how confident you might be as a singer. People’s social networks and relationships can have a tremendous effect on their confidence when it comes to music and often help or stop them in their singing journey.

In a study of the Harvard Medical School, scientist found out that social networks have value because they can help us to achieve what we could not achieve on our own.

“Students with studious roommates become more studious. Diners sitting next to heavy eaters eat more food. Homeowners with neighbors who garden wind up with manicured lawns. “


How does this apply to singing?

As singing is something very personal, why would this be any different when it comes to singing.
The people around us influence us, consciously or subconsciously, in positive or negative ways.

They might encourage us to grow to our fullest potential or they might reflect their own insecurities and imperfections on to us.

When it comes to singing, some people are told at a very young age that they have beautiful voices and that they are great singers. So they sing without worrying or thinking too much about how they sound.

Others are told that they cannot sing, or they cannot carry a tune or anything along those lines.
So, they stop singing, label themselves as ‘non-singers’ and stop trying.

But since when does the domain of singing belong to only the ‘gifted singers’ and all others should shut up?!

I’m not saying that everyone will become a popstar or sing like Pavarotti, but everyone who wants to sing, should sing!

What can you do to strengthen your courage to sing?

• Focus on the love & joy for music

It can be pressuring to sing and expect a certain sound right away. Good singing takes practice and time! Instead of judging your sound, focus on the love and fun you have for singing and ENJOY it! Isn’t this why you’re doing it in the first place?!


• Ignore the haters

I know it’s hard to shut down the words and opinions others have a said about us, but remember that this is their personal opinion. It does not have to reflect the truth. Most importantly, what they say should not stop you from doing things you love and are fun! (did you stop skiing/swimming etc. because you didn’t become an olympic medalist winner?)

• Reprogram your mind

Maybe you’ve been told as a child that you can’t sing, so what?! Aren’t we allowed to change, learn and improve?! Stop telling yourself that you were told you shouldn’t sing and start reprogramming your thoughts. For example: picture yourself doing a great performance, hear and feel the sound of your voice in an ideal scenario.

• Join a band/choir, or start  a singing group

There are so many people out there who would like to sing but are afraid to do so because they think they are not good enough. When you start being around other singers you can learn from them and they will encourage and help you.

• Ask your loved ones for support

Whether it’s your significant other, best friend or a family member, share your plans with them and ask for their support. I’m not saying they should lie to you and tell you that you sound like e.g. Whitney Houston when in fact you don’t. But they can encourage you to do what you love, ask about your progress, come to your performances or just check in to see if you’re enjoying it. This will help you get through frustrations which will come (no matter at which level you’re at).


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