Group Classes

Classes – Spring 2018

To sign up call: (818) 824-8331 or send an email to:

‘JUST SING’ Vocal Class

Vocals-on-Stage is offering a fun, interactive Singing Series for adults. In this class participants will choose a favorite song and begin a musical journey with singing and performance through improv games, essential singing techniques, and stage performance skills.

Learn Vocal Warm Up’s, experience vocal improv, explore different Musical Genres and most importantly, get to sing in a fun and nurturing environment.

This is a (4) week series starting on March 19th – April 9th 2019

Tuesday’s from 7:00 – 8.00 PM

The total cost of the 4-week series is $120.00 per person

Adr: 10536 Culver Blvd, Culver City, CA, 90232


Week #1: Singers Workout

Practice vocal technique, explore singing styles and pick a song

Week #2: Own the Stage

Learn performance skills, connect with the audience

Week #3: Artistic Freedom

Find your artistic style and incorporate it into your performance

Week #4: Vocal Freestyle

Step outside the box with fun singing and stage improvisation techniques

To sign up call: (818) 824-8331 or send an email to: