Songwriting – how to write songs “Inspiration is for amateurs. The rest of us just show up and get to work. All the best ideas come out of the process; they come out of the work itself.” – Chuck Close, American painter and photographer   “Which do you write first, […]

Songwriting – how to write songs

The Respiratory System The respiratory system is essential for life, speech and singing as the larynx and respiratory system work together to create vocalization. Sound is generated in the larynx, and that is where pitch and volume are manipulated but in order to produce sounds with our voice, we need […]

Respiratory System

Laryngeal Anatomy 101 Singers don’t necessarily need to know how the voice works in order to sing, however a basic knowledge of vocal function and anatomy can be beneficial for the longevity of a voice and can assist in a healthy sound production. Knowledge of the larynx plays a key role in understanding the voice […]

The role of the Larynx

Mix Singing vs. Belting Singers often ask what the difference between Mix singing and Belting is. Understandably, the two terms can easily confuse or mislead any singer who is trying to attain a powerful sound. And while both may achieve a “big sound,” I hope to uncover that mixing and belting are two very different […]

Mix Singing vs. Belting

Why are high notes difficult to sing? High Notes seem to be one of the biggest problems for singers, but why do high notes seem so difficult to sing or are they not? The high note is actually not the problem! When you are singing a high note in a […]

High Notes

The Lip Roll Exercise Many singers utilize the lip roll exercise during their warm ups to build vocal skills. The objective of this exercises is to stretch out the vocal folds, warm up the muscles of the pharynx and oral cavity, as well as the cheeks, lips and respiratory system (the […]

The Lip Roll Exercise

Chest Voice  Last time we talked about the difference between head voice and falsetto. Now lets look at the chest voice which is the lower part of your vocal range. How to find your Chest Voice Chest voice is very close to our speaking voice, we usually experience it as a […]

Chest Voice

Do Online Voice Lessons work? I’ve been teaching online voice lessons via Skype or FaceTime since years. I know this style of teaching is still pretty new but it is incredible how technology has advanced and how effective we can work with students from all over the world. I have […]

Do Online Voice Lessons work?

Recording Vocals In The Studio Recording a demo, EP or album is exciting and fun. Hopefully this vocal tip will help you to nail your vocals in the studio. 1. Get Hold of a Rough Mix: If the instrumental tracks are recorded days before the vocal recording begins, get a […]

Recording Vocals in the Studio