One thing I always communicate to my clients is that vocal warm-ups and vocal-exercises are not the same. Yes, vocal exercises do warm up the voice but not every exercise is there to simply warm up the voice.    Vocal Warm-ups When you start singing you want your body, in […]

Vocal Warm-ups vs. Vocal Exercises

Resonance The human voice is considered partly a wind instrument but has functionalities of a string instrument. Singing, as well as speaking, results from three components of voice production: voicing, resonance, articulation. In this blog we will dive into the study of Resonance.    What is Resonance? McKinney defines vocal […]

Resonance & Singing

How long does it take to sing well?!   ‘How long does it take to sing well’……. this is a common question I receive from new clients.  There is no generalizing answer to that question but here are a few factors which will influence the result.    #1: How often […]

Are we there yet?!

How does our environment influence our voice? There’s a very good reason why the way you were brought up has a bearing on how confident you might be as a singer. People’s social networks and relationships can have a tremendous effect on their confidence when it comes to music and often help […]

Singing and the Power of the Social Circle

Voice Break – Does everyone have it?!   Recently a client of mine asked me ‘Does everyone have a break in their voice?’. Let me explain what they even mean with this question. Generally speaking people refer to ‘voice break’ in 2 cases. In one case they mean the transition between […]

Voice Break

The reality of long term relationships When you start playing an instrument, voice, piano, guitar, really any instrument, you are hopefully entering into and going to maintain a long-term relationship with your instrument. My goal as a coach is to maximize the likelihood of students acquiring and retaining music as […]

Music & Long Term Relationships

How do we learn and what is Muscle Memory? You might have heard the term ‘Muscle Memory’ before. It’s quite often used in the context of learning a new skill. It’s not that our muscles really have an active memory. What we do memorize is the kinesthetic coordination of our […]

Muscle Memory and Vocal Practice

Vocal Strain – My Voice is feeling tired and strained Recently I had a question from one reader about Vocal Fatigue, Vocal Strain and what to do when the voice is feeling tired. Vocal fatigue can result from many causes, but when the vocal folds appear normal, fatigue is most often due […]

Vocal Strain and Fatigue