When you discover your true voice, there’s no magical mystery. Your voice is always with you.  The first step is latching onto artificial desires and letting them go. There is only one you and you are unique, so is your voice.  On the quest for finding our voice you might encounter […]

How to find your True Voice

First of all, what is Legato? In music, legato is a smooth transition from one note to the next one, the notes are connected. Unlike Staccato which are detached and separated notes.  No matter if you’re singing rock, opera, pop, soul, musical theater, blues, country or R’n’B, singing in legato […]

Singing in Legato

You might have heard of the whistle voice or the whistle register. Even if you’re not familiar with these terms, you’ve probably heard singers like Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande or Mitch Grassi from the Pentatonix sing in this really, really, really high voice.  It is more common for women but […]

Whistle Voice

Staying Fit Throughout the Cold Season   It’s fall season, I love this season for it’s holiday’s, decorations, cookies etc. but it’s also the season for sickness unfortunately.  Is it normal to be sick every once in a while?  I always pride myself in having a strong immune system and […]

Vocal Health

Don’t we all want to sing with more power?! Ha, well maybe not all of us but singing with more power is a pretty common goal for singers.  One of my favorite quotes when it comes to singing is ‘Good singing is free singing’ (I think this quote is by […]

Singing with more Power

‘Should singers learn to play another instrument?’ – notice that this question says ‘another’ instrument. It is important to keep in mind that the voice is an instrument. It is actually our first instrument, we always carry it with us and it is the most individual and unique instrument.  But […]

Should Singers Learn To Play Another Instrument

You’ve probably heard people referring to vocal colors. Have you ever wondered what that actually means?   1. Fundamental Pitch & Harmonics When a pitch is sung, several frequencies ring at the same time, giving the sound vocal color and a unique timbre. The initial pitch is called fundamental frequency, […]

Vocal Colors

A vocal register is a range of tones produced by a particular vibratory pattern of the vocal folds. The vocal folds are capable of producing several different vibratory patterns. Therefore we can categorize different vibratory patterns depending on their range of pitches and their sound characteristics. Let’s break it down […]

Vocal Registers

How does Voice Production work? – A scientific viewpoint Have you ever wondered how sound production in the human voice actually works? In this blog I will give you a short scientific outline of the physiology of vocal fold vibration and sound production. You don’t necessarily need to understand the […]

Voice Production