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Vocal Practice Often I get asked what should be practiced and how long a practice session should last. Regular practice is essential for improvement involving muscle memory. Athletes, dancers and musician must commit to daily practice but with tight schedules, we need to budget our time and practice effectively. The […]

Vocal Practice

Oh boy, what a day. You get up, ready to sing and out comes ….well, not what you expected or want. It’s almost as if your vocal cords are working against you, your sound is hobble, your range is limited and it scares you. Now, while you should work with […]

Bad Vocal Days

Pitch problems can be frustrating, beginners might even misunderstand pitch problems with tone deafness. Here are my thoughts on that topic. Tone Deafness – Amusia is a musical disorder caused by brain injury or genetic but it is very very rare. Plenty of singers think that they are tone deaf, but […]

Singing in Pitch

How to prepare for a performance?! Generally spoken every artist has its own ways of preparing for a performance. We all have different needs, rituals, and habits but there are some things that most of us have in common when it comes to performance preparations. I recently shared a link […]

Performance Preparation